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Why it is vital to analyze your traffic?

You must have traffic to my website! Yes that is the main concern of any platform owner (well, those who have understood the importance). It is therefore necessary to know who is on your website? Why ? And if he is interested in your content? You understand; analysis of your traffic will make the best.

Know interpret data

Google analytics or facebook analytics tell you more than 1000 visitors a day on your platform. Yes. But is it that these 1000 visitors are converted or access the pages that are important to you to show?

That's why they need to know to analyze your data.

For example, if one of your 1000 visitors you get a bounce rate of 95% and a session duration not exceeding 30% while there are problems to solve as soon as possible on your website. Is it too slow? Your content does interested in your community? Is it "user friendly"? The problem may also be on your targeting. You'll understand: your analysis tools refer you to numerous data that will help improve your web marketing or web platform strategy.

How Should You also analyze whether you are selling online, or simply that you have a website?

More than ever ! Your e-commerce strategy must be based on an accurate analysis of all your actions. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a simple Facebook page or decide to sell online on instagram page, each platform has tools of analysis that can and should help you understand your traffic, your strengths, your products headlights, the real needs of your community or if you are simply reactive in relation to interactions that occur on your platform.

Analyze your traffic will let you know if you convert it to potential buyers and to know who are your most loyal customers. So you can build an affiliate strategy through them or you simply can convert doubly transforming them as ambassadors.

"Google analytics", the reference - "facebook analytics" obvious - "Digital analyst",

To analyze your traffic you will have to obviously use and control "Google Analytics". The advantage of this tool that needs no introduction is to give you reports and detailed information on the behavior of your users and even to know what they are doing on your site in real time.

"Facebook analytics" is obvious why? Because Facebook is still one of the best ways to send traffic to your website. Install pixel to analyze this flow you can also through "Facebook analytics" analyze. Click here to read the article on the subject.

But still, entrust this task to a Digital Analyst you will be responsible for interpreting, analyzing and improving your traffic or give you axes to follow to have your bet on the web.

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